Sorok Short Film Festival (SSFF) is a fundraising activity organized by Sorok Uni Foundation, Inc. It also aims to promote Filipino talents in the film-making industry and advocates in the promotion of social awareness in the Philippines; to give opportunities to filmmakers to exhibit their talents - it can also be a stepping stone to opportunities in both the local and international scene; and to share knowledge from experts through creative workshops.


6th SSFF Winners Themed:

See You, George


While everything is now settling in its new normal state, a group of hospital workers commemorates the life of a "lost" colleague through a virtual necrological service. The solemn gathering suddenly turns into a recollection of dark and haunting memories. This short is a stand-alone sequel to the 2020 QCinema short film "Miss You, George!".

Nandito Lang Naman Ako

Nandito Lang Naman Ako

The sudden loss of his father due to COVID-19 led him and his mother to face their estranged relationship.

See You, George


Healing is one of the Babaylan’s ability, but this Covid-19 pandemic has really apalled us with it’s excessive effect to our health that could end up life even the life of a healer. This story is a manifestation of our faith in who and what we believe in, that what ever circumstances we may face, we need to be resilient, we need strengthen ourselves, re-calibrate our minds to surpass everything.

Super-K Sporting Items


An overseas contract worker (OFW) is sent back to the Philippines when the company where he works closed due to pandemic. During his quarantine in a hotel, he gets infected with corona virus, he starts questioning about God’s love or God’s wrath? The film starts when the nephew Henry, still with hangover, gets a call from his OFW uncle Fernan, about his urgent flight back to the Philippines.

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