Pakbet ni Mama Vinkie

‘Pakbet ni Mama Vinkie’ is a film about Mama Vinkie (Mother) and Josh (Son). Josh is a young 9 year old child who is very close to his mute and single mother Vinkie. It is seen that Josh likes to help his mother by doing various chores around the house, despite not knowing much how to do it properly. Mama Vinkie however, just lets Josh help in any way that he can, though Mama Vinkie almost always cleans up after josh tries to ‘help’. Despite Mama Vinkie being able to lip read, It is seen that Josh is learning to sign ASL (American Sign Language) to be able to communicate in a way that her mom does. It is evident in the film that they have a loving bond and they are always together in all the activities of the house. For the most part of the film, they are cooking “Mama’s Secret Dish” which Mama Vinkie says ‘Pakbet ni Mama’ or Mama’s Pakbet. Josh goes on to say that surely this dish will be his favorite. For this first time of their cooking though, josh seem to have forgotten a crucial ingredient that was tasked for him to fetch; the pumpkin. Mama vinkie just laughs and as always ‘cleaned up’ after Josh’s attempts of helping. However, she says next time, Josh shouldn’t forget the pumpkin. They continue to do chores and things around the house together, bonding, and just being a loving family. However, things change when Mama Vinkie realizes that she won’t be there always, that her time won’t be infinite and as old as she is, it’s not for long. It is further pressed by the fact that Josh is growing older, into a crucial stage wherein the rebellious child phase is upcoming. Josh started to go out with this friends, and eventually grew apart with Mama Vinkie, to the point where he doesn’t even eat the Pakbet his mom prepared anymore Mama Vinkie did not shun Josh, and just says (in ASL) that she misses his son, and we see her accepting the sadness that Josh has somehow grew older, and unfortunately grew apart from her, despite them being so close before. The film transitions into an older Josh, this time we see him with the Pumpkin in hand, seemingly sad. He carries it to the kitchen where he and his mom frequently cook together, he is now able to reach the frying pan he wasn’t able to reach when he was a child, the house also looked clean and organized, but Mama Vinkie is nowhere to be found. Josh then reminisces the goofy things that he did when he “helped” his mother. He realizes he wasn’t helping his mother, but rather his mother was helping him all along. Now a young adult, Josh then continues to prepare and finish the same dish that they were cooking before, Pakbet ni Mama Vinkie. He carefully prepares the table, and sat across the teddy bear they used to dance and play with, ‘ford’; a name his mom gave the toy. Josh continues to reminisce and pat his own head, something that his mom always does, and says ‘I miss you’ in sign. He continues to eat the pakbet and tells his mom stories of how he grew to be a successful and loving young adult, and that he wished his mom was there to see it.


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