Sa Ngalan ng Ina, ng Anak at ng mga Espiritu

A religious and optimistic single mom believes that our lives are intertwined with different kinds of spirits. She takes advantage of this belief and becomes successful. Now, she shares her story to inspire and motivate others. She is ready, excited, and proud to tell her story. The interview is a spontaneous Q and A that starts with a simple question, "How are you?" She tries to find the words to give the perfect response to this question. She thinks it's easy but the more she reminisces, the more she struggles to answer. Her smile suddenly turns into a deep sigh. She tries to regain her composure as she speaks about her children's achievements. She continues to speak and travels back to her past. She opens up and now speaks of her journey. Her words are now full of confusion and pain. As she now responds to the final question about her children, a video clip puts her smile back abruptly.


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