In the streets of Pureza, Allan and Aling Beth found comfort in the company of each other in their morning routines. As Allan helps the old vendor in her old bicycle sidecar, Aling Beth nurtures him with the warmth of good food and motherly care. That is until Allan faces the hurdles of life. After facing financial problems and being unable to pay for his education and rent, Allan gives up on living and shuts himself down in his dorm room. Aling Beth, confused as to why the young man suddenly did not show up in their morning bike routines, decides to visit Allan to bring him food. Even after delivering food at Allan’s doorstep and contacting him, Aling Beth still did not receive any form of communication from him. One day, Allan's landlady opens the door and lets her in. That day, for the first time, she knocked on Allan’s door. There, she sees an unrecognizable Allan. Eyes droopy, pale face, and frail physique. Surprisingly, Allan did let her in. What’s inside the small dorm room was a messy, dark and lonely space. Aling Beth brings out the food that she prepared for Allan and although hesitant, Allan decided to eat what the vendor prepared for him. Slowly, the two got comfortable with the silence that engulfed the whole room. As time passed, Allan regained his sense of hope. He wished things were different. Aling Beth, heart broken by the state of the young man, comforts Allan as best as she can. Wanting to help Allan, Aling Beth decides to tell his aunt what Allan has been going through. Allan, not able to control his feelings of shame, betrayal and hurt, breaks down and the two face a heated fight. In the end, Allan emotionally hurts Aling Beth, and the two go their separate ways. Days pass and the two live on. Allan in his dorm room and Aling Beth in her food stand. One night, Allan finds Aling Beth’s journal on his bedroom floor. A news clipping falls out of the journal. Intrigued, Allan flipped the pages of the notebook and found out about the child that Aling Beth lost. One day, while waiting at her food stand, Aling Beth was surprised to see the familiar built in her periphery. Allan was standing there, in his school uniform, reaching out to return her journal and the familiar bag. Allan leaves abruptly, leaving Aling Beth stunned but hopeful. As days pass on, the two reconnect through the usual morning routines they have done in the past. Allan and Aling Beth reclaim their lives again, through the comfort of morning strolls using the old bicycle sidecar.


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